Why I Don’t Hate Kim Kardashian


I’ve noticed lately on the internets, that just about everybody dislikes, or worse yet “hates” Kim Kardashian.  I mean, she poses naked in a magazine, the pictures go viral, and the world acts like someone pissed in their Cheerios (or even worse, on their tacos!).  I guess I just don’t get it.

I’ll give her credit, the girl learned early on how to garner lots of attention and how to make a boat-load of money, and she ran with it.  I have to almost respect someone who finds a niche, and makes it works.  Everybody has a racket.  I pay the bills by working 40 hours a week for a computer company, I earn a meager salary, and life goes on.  Some people work to cure cancer for a living.  Some people collect trash.  Some people live off the government.  Kim Kardashian pays the bills by showing up at events, modeling, and putting her name and likeness on products

Maybe it’s how she became famous, that rubs some of the people the wrong way.  She had a rich father, who grew to fame in his own right for being part of the storied “Dream Team” that defended O.J. Simpson, in what was called by most the “trial of the century”.  She then dated Brandy’s little brother Ray J, they fucked in front of a camcorder, the tape leaked, and there you go.  Just to be clear, I’ve seen the sex tape, and I would say it was pretty unimpressive, but I guess some people just really like seeing rich people suck dick, and it became a hit.  And somehow, it worked for her.  Around the same time the sex tape leaked, E! gave her family a reality series (before reality series were really a thing), and billed it as “look at these rich people, one of whom which fucked Ray J”, and the people watched.  Again, she made it work.

So now, she makes a living by traveling the world, making appearances at clubs and openings, putting her name and face on products, and posing for pictures.  You can’t blame her for doing it, I mean, people are paying her money.  I’d let someone take my picture for a million dollars.  Hell, In the right circumstances, I’d probably even have sex with Ray J for a million dollars, I mean, that’s a lot of fucking dollars.

What I’m essentially saying is I don’t hate Kim Kardashian.  Do I buy the products she endorses?  No.  Do I buy the magazines that carry her photos?  No.  Do I watch her show on E?  No.  Because I’m an individual that can make those decisions.  I don’t like Fox News, so guess what, I don’t watch it.  There’s no use in letting something you don’t like bring you down.  I could just as easily be playing video games, or pinning awesome pictures of tacos on Pinterest.  So if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.  Don’t click on the articles.  Just let it be.  Hate is such a strong emotion for anything really.

So I guess you still might hate Kim, and you’re entitled to hate who you want, but my point is that maybe you should more aptly direct the hate towards the people who enable it.  The people who buy the products she endorses.  The people who buy the magazines with her on the cover.  The people who feed the ratings on her reality shows.  If people didn’t care to see her, or buy her endorsed products, guess what, she would go away.  She’s already rich, so she doesn’t need the money.  I’m sure she would be fine, spending quiet evenings home alone with Kanye, talking to each other about how awesome and rich they both are, and watching Netflix.  Just like the rest of us.


Agree?  Disagree?  Sound off in the comments, let me know.

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