A Look Back At The Top 10 Singles From Twenty Years Ago


No one can every really understand the music that we like when examined from a distance.  Music tastes change, they grow, and evolve, and we are left looking back wondering “why the fuck did I like that?”  In today’s fun and exploratory article, we will take a glimpse back twenty years ago, to revisit the top 10 songs of December 17, 1994.  Enjoy!


1In all honesty I didn’t really remember this song, so I had to google it.  I typed in “Here comes the” and the song didn’t even appear in the top four suggestions, so I quickly realized this wasn’t a hot search these days.  After further reading, I sort of remembered this one, with it’s catchy lyrics such as “Here comes the hotstepper, murderer, I’m the lyrical gangster, murderer”.  Why a song about a murderer who takes hot steps was number one I’ll never know, but what can I say, the 90’s were a weird time, and we all made questionable decisions.

here comes


The 90’s was a good decade for Boyz II Men, as it seemed like just about every time I turned the radio on, the stations were playing one of their jams.  Interestingly enough, only three other performers have spent more time on the top of the billboard charts than Boyz II Men: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Mariah Carey.  Now one couldn’t compare the group to Elvis or The Beatles, but one thing they all had in common, is I bet they all got mad ass.




Now you can call Real McCoy just another one-hit wonder, and that wouldn’t be true… I guess they had two.  This is one of them.  The German euro-pop group reminds me a lot of Ace Of Base, which was also pretty popular back then, because it was the 90’s and we didn’t know any better.  Here’s a little fun fact, The Real McCoy won Best New Act at the American Music Awards in 1995, after which they disappeared under some rock or something and haven’t been heard from since.



Jon Bon Jovi, seems like this guy has been making music forever, as his self-titled group came together in 1983, and they’ve been touring and putting out albums ever since.  I didn’t really remember this song, so I again googled the lyrics, and it doesn’t ring a bell.  But it probably sounded like most of the songs he’s put out, so take that for what it’s worth.  When I think about Jon Bon Jovi, I usually think about how he’s supposedly like best friends with Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, so I guess that’s kind of neat.




TLC peaked right around the time my puberty got in full swing, so it was quite a wild ride, and I was pretty smitten with these ladies.  Unlike the Radiohead song about how the guy is a creep and a weirdo and it’s basically a depressing ode to being a loser (but still a great tune), TLC’s “Creep” is about a woman who learns of her man’s infidelity, so she decides to turn the tables on him and cheats herself.  You know, because two wrongs make a right.  In a related story, Lisa “Left-eye” Lopez of the group suspected her man and former NFL star Andre Rison was cheating, so she set all of his shoes on fire in his bathtub, which incidentally burned down his mansion.




Didn’t I tell you?  The mid-90’s was quite a busy time for the Boyz.  Making music and slaying honeys, playa.



I remember this song and music video, and it was one of the first times in my adolescence that I was kind of turned on, and also at the same time kind of felt ashamed of it.  I mean she was still an attractive woman and all, but she was getting kind of old, and it just made me feel weird.  Like, am I supposed to think this is hot?  Am I into older ladies?  I was so confused.  Thanks a lot, Madonna.




Oh man, I forgot about this song.  Sheryl Crow just wanted to have some fun.  That was it.  Until the sun came up over Santa Monica Boulevard.  What can I say, at least this song wasn’t as annoying as her “Soak Up The Sun”, so that’s always a good thing.



Seriously, I don’t remember this song at all.  But then again, off hand I can’t name a single Brandy song.  Plus I’ve never seen an episode of Moesha.  But yeah, this was number nine that week.




Do you remember when Janet Jackson was a thing?  To be honest, after the nipple slip at the halftime show, she kind of disappeared.  A lot has happened since then.  Her brother Michael sadly passed, and her sister Latoya was fired on the Celebrity Apprentice… twice.  Maybe that is why she chose a life of seclusion.  No one can tell really.



So there you have it!  Apparently in December of 1994, we were all about some slow jams and R&B.  One thing I can say, is that you can only imagine what we will be saying twenty years from now in regards to our current music.  I guess until then, we just have to shake it off.  Shake it off.


What was your favorite song of 1994?  Do you shake it off?  Or is it all about the bass?  Tell me in the comments!

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