The Stages of Winter.

cat 2

In today’s special 50th post, we will discuss the story of winter, the thought process we go through as the season progresses, all vividly brought to life by a bunch of random cat pictures I found on Google.  Enjoy!

Yay!  It’s snowing!  This is so much fun!  This will be the best winter ever!  First snow!

cat fun

I love the snow so much!

cat 1

Hey wait a minute… it just keeps on snowing.

cat 2

Oh shit it wont stop snowing.

cat 4

Alright enough already with this goddamn snow.

cat 3

Seriously stop fucking snowing!

cat 5

Jesus why is it so cold?  I hate winter.  I HATE winter.

cat 6

Hey, I think winter is almost over…

cat 7


cat 3

Oh fuck it.  I surrender.

cat 8

six months later…

It’s too hot.  I HATE summer.


The end.

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