The Confederate Flag.

BARYJ5 Confederate flag for sale at Vermonster 4x4 Rally

I’d argue the revival of the confederate flag in the 20th century was due largely to the the ku klux klan. Originally started in the late 1860’s, the kkk were a bunch of downtrodden people, who were poor and feeling lost from the defeat in the Civil War, and they needed something to rally morale, to make them feel superior, and basically occupy their time because they didn’t have TV yet, and couldn’t just zone out to some HGTV like I do on a typical Sunday afternoon. The klan died out, but again began to surge in the 20th century, because once again we found a bunch of dudes that had issues, whom wanted to find some excuse to get together and drink beer (football didn’t exist yet, and still no TV, worse yet no cable), so they decided to proudly display the confederate flag, burn crosses, lynch people, and just generally blame and hate some black people.

The German people in the 1920’s were downtrodden people, they were also poor, reeling from their own unconditional surrender in WWI.  Feeling inferior, and much like the south, they also didn’t have cable TV, and couldn’t retire to their homes after a long day at work and just watch shows like Property Brothers or House Hunters on HGTV, like I do after a hard day. So with limited resources, and wanting to feel better about themselves, they listened to a hate-mongering faction we all know as the nazis, and targeted a group that they felt superior to, they decided to hate Jewish people, and get together and drink beer and burn things, but instead of crosses it was people.

Yes, I am comparing the confederate flag to the swastika.  Both were symbols, that eventually became images of hate and intolerance, and there’s no place in society for either of them.


The most common arguments I hear FOR the confederate flag:

1 – “The confederate flag is my way of expressing my country life, and my southern sensibilities.”  No it’s not. Do you really want to get country and have a southern time? Go to a fucking Kenny Chesney concert, drink like five tall boys, and rock out like the rest of us (but after the sun goes down of course, otherwise you’re not listening to what KC is really saying, and you get hammed by 5PM and just make the rest of us look bad, because you’re an alcoholic. I’m looking at you, Pittsburgh and Green Bay).

2 – “The civil war wasn’t about slavery, it was about state’s rights.”  It was at first. Lincoln’s original great solution was to ship all slaves back to Africa, so he could wash his hands of this clusterfuck.  But states that wanted to secede , wanted to do so because they did not wanna be forced to give up their slaves, plain and simple.  Even Lincoln reached a point where he realized it wasn’t right.  The Civil War eventually became a war about slavery, and it’s a losing battle if you argue otherwise.

3 – “America is a bunch of pussies.”  Nope again. Pretty sure the North kicked ass and took names in the Civil War, and what’s worse is a bunch of folks who can’t move on after a complete beating.  I hate to lose at Madden, but when I do I eventually get over it.  And odds are, if I know you, your distant family fought in that shit, and more than likely fought for the Union. Show some fucking respect to your relatives, who died fighting for freedom in this country that you love so much.  Show some fucking American pride.

Delete me as a friend if you’re seriously in an uproar about all this confederate flag shit.  I seriously don’t want to converse with anyone whom holds on to that dumb fucking idealogy.  My comparison to the confederate flag and the swastika may seem kind of radical, but really, it’s not. People do stupid things, human beings are stupid, but what makes us great is learning from our mistakes, and not clinging to symbols or ideas that are horribly outdated.  You remember asbestos?  MC Hammer pants?  The Macarena?  Let it go people, let it go.

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