Why Bingo Rules.

My office is right next to a Knights Of Columbus building.  What the Knights Of Columbus are, I have no fucking clue, but what I do know is that they host “Bingo Night” every Thursday at 7 o’clock.  It’s a fact that Thursday is my second favorite day of the work week, second only to Friday.  So the old people, two hours early (with nothing else to do) will begin to gleefully shuffle down the street around 5 o’clock, to lollygag in front of the building.  I’m usually taking my last smoke break around then, and when I see those beautiful bastards, it’s a sign that the Thursday work day is almost over, and Friday is nearly here.  Do I play bingo?  No.  But someday, who knows, when my (eventual) kids are old enough to not care about me, I’m old and bitter, and start eating dinner at 4 o’clock, I may learn to truly love it.

The end.

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