That Time I Tried Ecstasy

CaptureYoung and impressionable and working weekend shifts in the Ravenna Marc’s dairy department (because I needed money to rent movies, and buy nachos and weed), my teen years were fun. A handful of work, an armful of fun, and a butt load of movies and video games.

My friend Joe asked me if I wanted to try ecstasy.  “Malcolm, you wanna roll?” I thought about it, and figured, why not. We all took one, and I sat on the couch. Time passed, and feeling nothing, I walked to the bathroom, and while I was peeing, something swept over me, like, I felt really good. Walking over to the sink to wash my hands, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but notice that I was smiling. I thought to myself at that moment: Was I always this handsome? Did this shirt always look so blue?

I opened the bathroom door, and everyone was smiling at me.  Not smiling like a creepy church social, but like, smiling like friends you haven’t seen for many years. Someone then said something about a meteor shower.  Oh, that’s right… had seen and heard about it all over the news that week, we were in store for an epic meteor shower, and the sky was clear. We all walked outside, staring up at the sky, my friend’s girlfriend had a jug of water, and kept asking us if we were thirsty, and saying that it was important that we stayed hydrated.

We all sat in the grass in the front yard, staring up at the sky on Griffith Street, while the meteors rained down into the night. It was probably the closest thing to a religious experience that I’ve ever felt.  And the closest I would ever feel to my friends.

Years (and decades) have passed.  The only drugs I take these days are multi-vitamins and caffeine, but it’s fun to think about things that have happened.

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